Aly Finish Photos

6 06 2010

The end in sight. Lewis.


Last few yards. Support from his daughter Isabella for last 2 miles.


Done... In more ways than one!


Aly with some of his supporters.


Day 6 – Photos

6 06 2010

Moors of Lewis.


The finish with my daughters. Butt of Lewis.

Day 5 – Photos

6 06 2010

The Mountains of Harris - To paraphrase childrens book: We can't go over them. We can't go under them. Oh no! We have to go through them!

Looking South to mountains of Harris. Lewis.

Day 4 – Photos

6 06 2010

Me waiting on ferry to Harris. Berneray


Contemplating the Isle of Harris.


Feeling the pain now. Harris.

Day 3 – Photos

6 06 2010


Maybe slow.... but it is marathons not sprints! Grimsay.


Follow the line. North Uist


The rain falls mainly on North Uist!


Day 2 – Photos

6 06 2010

Sheep chase! South Uist.

The Road is Long... South Uist

Day 1 – Photos

6 06 2010
Some photos from my camera rather than iphone….

The Start. Vatersay.

Aly with Vatersay beach in background